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Amir Slonian with Arab and Jewish musicians




Ein Bustan fair


Notes of Peace: The Ein El Bustan Concert *

 Sultanna Hilf
(*On 21.10.07 the “Music For Peace” benefit concert for the Arab Jewish Waldorf kindergarten Ein Bustan was held in Kiryat Tivon. Below is an article describing the event. Sultanna, who helped organize the event, is both a teacher and a parent of one of the children)
My name is Sultanna, and I am mother to Karin, age 5. She is celebrating her second year at the Ein Bustan Arab Jewish kindergarten. I think that she is experiencing her childhood in a wonderful way. We want the best for our children, therefore - we need to spread the word about our kindergarten, and we need the support of all sides. With cooperation we can ensure that our kindergarten will fulfill community and social needs, despite our different cultures.
I think that if you believe in something strongly enough, you can always get support. All you need is willpower, love, and human warmth. These are the tools that we used at the festival. The warmth that accompanied the cooperation of the parents in planning the festival and the delegation of responsibilities and tasks - this is what brought our mothers to prepare fairies, dolls, mobiles and more…this is what brought families to prepare food for sale such as home made cheese, pickles and spices. Another group of parents sold food on the spot, such as pizza, pita with labaneh** (**Arab style flat bread and homemade goat cheese) cookies, cakes, popcorn, turmus (lupine seeds) and ful (a type of beans), while yet another group stood at craft stalls. Some of the mothers occupied the children at craft corners, Orna Shuman was kept busy artistically hand painting magical tattoos, Orit Elnir held forth in the story telling corner, and Dalia Paz directed the Eurythmy play “The Good Shepherd” in the Arabic language.  
A week before the event, I made sure to call all my friends and invite them. I visited families in the village (Hilf) to tell them about the kindergarten and the upcoming festival, and inform them of the importance of their presence and the representation of *our village community (*Hilf, the Arab village where Ein Bustan is located) at the event. Hours before the event, my heart beat fast - as I anxiously worried that there would not be any Arab participants in the audience. However, precisely at five o’ clock my heart filled with joy - as I saw relatives and friends arriving to support and celebrate the third year of Ein El Bustan with us.
As time went by, I forgot that I was a teacher, and I felt like the “mother of the bride”, going from booth to booth among the people, asking them about their impressions, and receiving very happy responses.
It was now close to 7:30, most of the people who had been milling around outside entered the concert hall for the concert, which included an eclectic mix of American, Arabic, and Israeli music. For me, the final numbers were particularly moving, as the popular singer Hanni Tabash went up on stage to perform songs from the Bedouin tradition.

Hanni Tabash

Ihab Nimer plays oud

Marvin Goldstein




Read a recent news release about the concert from our friends in Renton Washington

I might add that the date for the concert was set over six months ago by the pianist Marvin Goldstein. He arrived in Israel especially to donate his talents for this concert. Marvin also visited our kindergarten with a large group of people*** (***The Shalom Salaam group). The festival and concert were of a high level thanks to the dedicated work of the Maayan Babustan Association’s team and the dear parents. Special thanks to Itamar, Galia, Simona and Fahima.
The concert, and our activities in the kindergarten, are supported by many people and groups both in Israel and abroad, and here is the place to mention Mr. Alon Navot , the Mayor of Tivon, and Vally Cornelius, (Keren Nehushtan’s mother) who is busy in Holland with many activities in support of the kindergarten, as well as cooperation with other organizations that seek to develop our initiative. While I can’t possibly mention all our donors and supporters, I’d like to express my deep thanks and love to everybody, for your undivided support - until the day that we can establish our own school, Insh’allah.****
(****With God’ help)
Translation: Rachel Gottlieb


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