Ein Bustan:Arab-Jewish Education - A letter from Fahima, Karem's mother
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A letter from Fahima, Karem's mother
Fahima Hilf is a Bedouin -Arab woman and resident of the village of Hilf. She runs a flower and gift shop in the village. Her son Karem is five years old, and in his second year in Ein Bustan.
My Karem was born nine years after my older daughter Caroline. He is a very special child. I have always wanted him to get an education in a special place that would fit his calm and quiet personality.
I heard from friends of mine about the [Ein Bustan] kindergarten and the pedagogic approach which comes from the heart: an approach that supports the child and encourages his independence, while allowing him to progress at his own pace. Everything in the kindergarten is natural and comes from nature, toys are made of wool, wood, cloth… this approach gives us a minute or two to recall the things with which we ourselves played when we were children in the village of Hilf.
Now my Karem is on his second year in the kindergarten. He enjoys the warm and loving attention he gets, and I feel that this kindergarten is like another mother's womb. I am so happy that our son has the fortune of experiencing his childhood at the Anthroposophical- Bilingual kindergarten, and I am very proud that we are giving the Jewish and the Arab children equal opportunities for education and learning.
My dream is to enable Karem to continue learning within this system, with its approach which develops his personality and enhances his inner talents, up to the point where he can continue his education in a joint Arab-Jewish school. This is the dream of every family in our village (Hilf) and its environs. However, we have a problem with the cost, other kindergartens are free of charge [this kindergarten necessitates tuition, something that most of our families can not afford.] I personally intend to be one of the people on the committee for the establishment of such a joint school.
In my opinion the interior of the kindergarten is perfect. The outdoor yard could use some playground equipment and lawn. I would also be happy to see some more flowers and vases for decoration. And finally, I wish to continue to give my support, so that eventually we can establish a joint [Arab-Jewish] school.


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