Ein Bustan:Arab-Jewish Education - Autumn 2010: Seeds of Happiness
Sowing Seeds of Hope and Peace
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We are now enjoying  a brief interlude of routine, everyday life, between holidays, and so we have time to observe the special everyday moments of nature, work and play together. Instead of a news report, this time we bring you a poem by Gidi, a teacher at Ein Bustan.

Ein Bustan children with bougainvillea flowersThe Bougainvillea
By Gidi Hyman 
The bougainvillea on the side of the road
shed it's  white and purple leaves
The leaves in the hot *hamsin wind
Twirled in a dizzy dance, and sang: wind wind wind.
The bougainvillea, queen of the everlasting flowers
Flowering even now in Autumn, when all the other flowers have wilted long ago.
Everything is dry now, burning with heat, awaiting the rain.
Only the bougainvillea still cheerfully flowers
Spreading her happy colors every which way,
A Queen.
We, too are Queens and Kings
Princes and Princesses
Spreading our happiness- so that it might spread seeds and  take root in the world
Singing songs in Arabic and in Hebrew
And laughing and crying in a common tongue.
Hiking, dancing, playing and shouting
Fighting and then finally ending in an embrace

In short: living - living well. 



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