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 Ein Bustan, Summer 2007

 grapes in the bustanWe are at the height of summer, the sun is very strong, and the grapes are sweet and ripe in the Bustan" (garden).
Nine of the older children have "graduated" from the kindergarten to first grade.
We are growing - almost 30 families! Due to the great demand, and after much deliberation, it was decided to open two groups this coming year, a younger group for 2.5 and 3 yrs old (about 12 children) and an older group for ages 4-6 (with approximately 16 children).
newbuildingConstruction of the new classroom is going on at an intense pace. The construction work on the new classroom (See  picture) is proceeding in good part thanks to funding from the kind people of the Waldorf community in Zutphen, Netherlands and the musical fundraiser that took place there in June. The concert was organized by Marjolein Grobben, of the local Waldorf school, and Marvin Goldstein, and his Foundation, titled Music with Peace. Our deepest thanks go to all those who took part.  Marvin will be performing another benefit concert for Ein Bustan this coming October, in Israel, with Arab and Jewish musicians performing side by side in the international language of music.
New families, new pre-school class, and new staff:
This summer, Ola received a scholarship to go to a program in Portugal that was connected to peace and the environment. She will not be continuing as a teacher but will stay involved helping our project. In her place we have a new Arabic-speaking teacher, Ibtisam Zbidat, who will be the co-teacher working together with the Hebrew speaking teacher, Gidi Hyman, and with our veteran teacher Sultanna Hilf.
 We also have two new teachers - Eshel Rozario and Amna Hilf -  for the younger preschool, following our model of a Jewish and an Arab teacher working side by side.

The staff members have all been meeting to get to know one another and plan the coming school year.
We have already had one parent- teacher meeting, and this week there was a meeting of all the women in the kindergarten, to sew dolls and animals for the new kindergarten.
arab and jewish women working together
I am attaching a picture of this, so you can see how encouraging it is to see Arab and Jewish women working side by side for their children...and for each other.
Rachel Gottlieb,
Ein Bustan August 2007


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