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Ariel dancing at acelebration in Ein Bustan

A Parent’s View: Ein Bustan is our Second Home


 Lee Galim Dalfen

My name is Lee and I am the mother of Ariel, who is 6 years old.

Ariel has been attending Ein Bustan now for two years.

 For us, Ein Bustan is not just another educational framework. To go to Ein Bustan each morning is a little like going to our second home. Sometimes this is felt in the big things, but mainly - it is the small, daily, things that make a difference.

 The staff is open and inviting, and the parents are involved in many things. For example, one Friday my husband and I and some other parents came to visit because we wanted to help in the yard, gardening. We were all spontaneously invited to join the children for breakfast, and it was fun. Afterwards, we helped wash the dishes, like at home: after the meal we all put things in order and cleaned up, and everyone participated.

There is no better feeling than this, for us, as parents, to send our child to a place where the boundaries between home and an educational framework are not a an unassailable wall, to a place that is familiar to her and an important part of her life.




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