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Ein Bustan Families Celebrate Tu Bishvat with joint tree planting

On Saturday, January 22 2011, the children of the Ein Bustan kindergarten and their parents gathered to plant trees at “Bustan Nof Meshutaf”, in the Galilee, not far from Tamra and Mitspe Aviv. The families planted native trees such as olive trees, figs, pomegranate and almond trees.
 “Ein Bustan” is a unique Waldorf kindergarten for both Arab and Jewish children. The staff is bi lingual as well, and activities take place in both Hebrew and in Arabic.
“Nof Meshutaf” is a multi-cultural center for traditional agriculture, and was established by Amiram Goldin in memory of his son Omri Goldin, who was killed in a terrorist incident at the Meron Junction in 2002. This special place in the Galilee is dedicated to educational and social activities with an ecological and community emphasis. Nof Meshutaf (Literally: “A Common Landscape”) was created with the understanding that the land does not belong solely to one people or the other, but rather belongs to us all. For more pictures from this unique day, click here.
Happy Tu Bushvat!
Amir Shlomian, Director of Ein Bustan, and children, plant trees in honor of Tu Bishvat

  photographer: Rephael Ben Moshe




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