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The Story of  the Letters

For the bi-lingual Class 1 [based on a story by Michal Ephraim and Uri Tsadok, adapted by Amir Shlomian ]

 God created the heavens and the earth and all things in between them, including the lakes, seas, trees, plants, fragrant flowers, and a variety of animals. Finally, he created Adam – the first man.

 Then the angels decided to celebrate Adam’s birth. Singing Adam’s praises, they performed for him and made him joyful. They then sat him on a high and mighty golden throne situated high in the sky. It was a special throne, with silver decorations of wild animals and birds. Angels young and old, of high status and low, all came to honor Adam. Each angel had a pair of white wings,  that shone radiant as they flew by, blinding their surroundings with beautifully shining light. Each angel bore his own unique gift, and all the gifts were of great value.

 Suddenly, quiet prevailed over the heavens, with animals, birds and angels all falling silent.  They all stood bowing their heads in silence, until the one named “Celestial Chant” began to sing, as the other joined in what is known as the Song of the Angels. Adam was excited as he reclined on his throne. Then into this large and radiant hall, filled with the angelic hymns, entered God.

 The almighty then held a feather of fire and began writing with it an array of strange signs on the glowing sky-dome. Those were the letters. The letters were diverse as they were colorful, and mesmerizing in their fiery glow. God dressed up the letters with his feather, adorning them with crowns, and as they hang in the sky, they harbored a secret. And the joy was boundless, and the beauty immeasurable.

 God signaled to his angels, and they in turn approached the letters, and collected them into exquisitely decorated chests. Each angel approached a group of letters from the heavens and indicated to them that they might enter the chest. The letters obeyed as if by their own volition, entering the chests in immaculate order. Each chest was uniquely suited to the number, shape, and color of the letters. Thus the angels stood, each of them holding a special and unique chest containing beautiful letters, which harbored their special secrets.

 Then God ordered the songs to halt. Absolute silence followed and God indicated that Adam approach one of the angels in order to receive one chests of letters and to carry it to earth.

Adam was happy but also confused. Which angels should he approach, what chest should he choose? Sensing his discomfort, two angels gave a sign to which Adam responded by taking the letter chest that they held. These were beautifully carved chests, engraved with gold, jewels and precious stones. The chests were similar, yet different, bewilderingly beautiful and enticing.  Adam could not take his eyes of them. He approach God with hesitation, but God kindly responded as if saying, my son please take the chests and rest assured-  you will always be welcome here in the glowing dome of the sky and you will be able to collect additional chests of letters. Thus God smiled, and Adam felt boundless joy. God then blessed Adam, gifting him the chosen letter chests.

 Once the letters were in Adam’s hands, they immediately began to rattle and knock in their chests, until he was unable to hold them. Bewildered, Adam asked God “Why are the letters so restless?” God answered him lovingly: ”This is a precious gift but its place is not meant to be in the heavens, but rather on earth – hence the letters are impatient. Open the chests and the letter will roll down to earth. You, too, should descend to earth, since the time has come. The letters will hide themselves in every corner, and will you will discover them wherever you go, and they shall be your most trusted companions. With them you shall discover my world, living and creating in it, and wherever letters appear I too will reside and I shall accompany you.


 As Adam opened the chests the letter bounced out and scampered this way and that, dispersing throughout the world. And Adam descended after them, to seek them and to discover the world.  


Translation from the Hebrew: Assi Doron and Rachel Gottlieb




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