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Waking the Peace Doves from their Winter Sleep/ Vally Cornelius
Doves of Peace for Ein-Bustan
The Dutch supporters of Ein Bustan held a fund-raising activity called “A Dove of Peace for Ein Bustan”, which took place near the date of the Dutch Liberation Day in *Wageningen, however, since the activity met with only limited success, there was a need to come with a fresh idea to market the doves. And fortunately that idea came along.
Stringing Necklaces
In **Barneveld, there is a 17th century building in which there is a craft shop belonging to Meina van der Horst. About five years ago two rather chic old ladies came into the shop, while Meina was busy serving other customers. The old ladies were unable to wait and left, leaving two suitcases behind the counter, filled with antique beads. The old ladies never returned and Meina put the suitcases in the loft and forgot about them.
Now, some years later, a few of us sat together in her back garden stringing the little clay peace doves with these antique beads. Our group was composed of two neighbours, a relative, Meina and myself.
The Parkstraat Community in Arnhem
At the end of the summer this community opened its church doors and enabled us to sell all the necklaces we had made. Beautiful necklaces with beads in every colour with two or three doves of peace, strung amongst them. One of the friends who had helped to make them had also come to help to sell them. She had attended this church with her mother, when she was a child. Revisiting, she was immediately recognised and welcomed by her old congregation and our sales took off!
Earlier on that month, when the new priest was ordained in the church, many guests had been invited to the festive occasion. The church was filled to its seams. Mr Gombert , our liaison thought that this represented an  opportunity to focus attention once again on the Ein Bustan kindergarten in Israel. The collection gathered 400 Euro.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude on behalf of the workers from Ein-Bustan to all the members of the Parkstraat community, who have so generously supported us with their prayers and generous donations. The activities and developments at Ein Bustan (www.ein-bustan.org) show the results.
Margriet’s Women of the World Fund-Raising
The same applies to the editors of the woman’s magazine MARGRIET. In October 2007 they gave me 1500 Euro for Ein-Bustan and the management of a website for a year with the purpose of giving voice to the project “Sowing Seeds for the Future” to all layers of Dutch society. That was achieved.
Good women of Margriet; I, and with me many others, have enjoyed and benefited from your initiative. Good luck with what you started! Also thanks to Hubert Mettivier Meijer from Wageningen … With whose expertise the website flourished.
Francisca’s Play
Another remarkable event took place in the Christian Community in Arnhem on Sunday 1st of June 2008. Francisca De Vries, an eleven year old girl, decided to put on a play by Tonke Dragt a popular Dutch author, and to also direct it. The other kids didn’t think this was a bad idea. They managed to engage many volunteers; players, parents, musicians and so on. After two very long and two short afternoons the play “The Letter for the King” (Dutch: De brief voor de koning) appeared on stage and was much enjoyed. Half of the contributions from the audience were given to the Waldorf kindergarten for Arabic and Jewish pupils in Israel.
Ninth Grade Class at the Geert Groote College, AmsterdamGeert Groote Secondary School
A number of pupils from the 9th grade class of the Geert Groote Secondary School in Amsterdam took the initiative to support a good cause. They chose Ein-Bustan.
That is not so strange as their school had already focused on Ein-Bustan with several activities. However what is new is that the pupils accessed the website www.ein-bustan.org to try to get a better understanding of the problems in Israel. To support the kindergarten they sold calendars with artwork made by previous pupils, which were made for the 75th anniversary of the school and had remained unsold. This project is still ongoing.
Waking the Sleeping Doves
At the end of November I will renew contact with my “beading club” in Barneveld. There are still numerous doves and a lot of beads and key rings from which we could make more necklaces. Perhaps next year there’ll be another fair or fete somewhere in the Netherlands where we can awaken the doves. Or do you have another idea how we could raise money for Ein-Bustan?
The “Peace Dove of Ein-Bustan” sends you peaceful Season’s Greetings!
Vally Cornelius
November 2008
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*Wageningen is world famous for its military history. On May 5, 1945, the German general Blaskowitz surrendered to the Canadian general Charles Foulkes, which ended the Second World War in the Netherlands. On May 5, which in the Netherlands is Liberation Day, the city hosts a large festival to celebrate the liberation.
**Barneveld - a town and a municipality in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands.


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