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Handmade Natural Soaps from Ein  Bustan

Maayan Babustan invites you to support our activities
by purchasing natural, handmade, quality soaps

soap label סבון בהכנה
סבוני עין בוסתן - מכל הלב
Our soaps are home made in small quantities, and the soap-making process takes approximately one month. Therefore, please have patience: your fragrance of choice might be in the process of being made. The fragrances are pure essential oils

Currently we have in stock the following soap shapes: circle, ellipse and heart
with the following fragrances:
geranium-pachouli-sweet orange and lemongrass

Additional fragrances are in the process of being made

You can support our efforts by purchasing soap.
for prices and orders, kindly email:
Sultanna working on the placemats from here home in Hilf
Table Art from Ein Bustan

Learn Arabic and Hebrew while you eat! Tri-lingual laminated placemats with vocabulary words in Arabic, Hebrew and English, on a quality reproduction of an original watercolor painting of a child from the Ein Bustan Kindergarten.

The placemats may be easily wiped clean  with a damp cloth. All proceeds go towards the non-profit organization Maayan Babustan, which runs the Ein Bustan Arab Jewish Waldorf Kindergarten and preschool.

Set of 4 placemats: $25.00, including shipping.
To order, please write to:

Dear Parents and Friends,
My children woke up this morning to find the table aglow with rainbow-colored placemats. They were so beautiful the kids decided to have a candlelight breakfast, which we do only rarely on dark winter mornings. "What's the special occasion?" they asked. Iexplained that we had spent the evening talking with our friend about her life in faraway Israel, about a school where all children sing and dance and learn in an atmosphere of loving acceptance, and that the placemats were made by those children. The writing on the mats intrigued them. So as we ate our breakfast we learned to say "hug" and "dance" and "play" in Hebrew and Arabic before we went to off to school.
For those of you who would like to support the bilingual Arab-Jewish kindergarten Ein-Bustan, or who would simply like to own some awesome placemats, there are a few sets still available.  
Cherie Wendelken, Ithaca, N.Y.
פלייסמט בנושא משפחה פלייסמט בנושא טבע darknesslight placemat



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