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Light in the Land of the Sleepy: Music and Laughter Unite Our Children
It seems that time has flown, along with the Autumn winds, and before we had even had a chance to take note - we commenced the Jewish New Year, the Ramadan fast was over, and we celebrated Eid El Fitr. Even Yom Kippur (and Sukkot, R.G.) are already behind us. I would like to tell you briefly about a play that I attended, together with the children of the older kindergarten, that marked the beginning of the year.
The play “Or in the Land of Nimnoomim” (literally: “Light in the Land of the Sleepy”) was produced by two Education and Drama students, Michal and Efrat. The children waited outside expectantly while the actresses arranged the background and props, and then entered the kindergarten, their excitement quickly turning to waves of laughter and participation in the play. The Arabic speaking teacher Ibtisam translated the Hebrew words into Arabic, while trying to contain her own laughter…
The play tells the story of a child (played by a doll) that is born in a land where everyone is always sleeping. He bothers everyone, and the Queen banishes him to a land beyond the sea. Then he arrives at a new country, where everyone is always awake…Finally he finds someone that helps him find balance in his world.
The props in the play were few, but used in a skillful and ingenius way: a light blue piece of cloth alternately became a blanket, a baby, and the sea. The play also incorporated live harp and recorder music, which turned it into a truly magical experience.
Arabic speakers and Hebrew speakers attending a play together, with both parents and children, is not to be taken for granted, and there is always something so moving and “right” about it.
I hope that this will be a great way for all of us to start an exciting and successful year!
Shiri Asayag
Shiri is mother to Tamar, currently in the Ein Bustan Arab Jewish kindergarten, and to Gal, who is a “graduate” of Ein Bustan.


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