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Malakitna, a song sung before story hour.

"Queen of dreams...fly us on your magic carpet into the world of the imagination."


Amir Shlomian accompanies the children on guitar


Ein Bustan

A collage of pictures compiled by Itamar Feigenbaum.

Music in Hebrew and Arabic by David Broza and Wisaam Morad

"A man is just human, and time is short/ He builds his world, and flowers bloom in his garden"

 Welcoming the Sabbath

Raif El Juma - Friday's Bread

Song in Arabic. The teacher gives each child a piece of Challa bread, and the children sing

"Now there is bread and salt between us/ Now there is peace amongst us. Kindly bless us, our Grandmother Sarah, Kindly bless us, our Grandmother Hagar/On this Friday /and on all days."



קבלת שבת בעין בוסתן

Shabbat Shalom

Song in Hebrew

"We have cleaned the dust from every corner, in honor of Shabbat.We will put a beautiful picture on the wall, and dress the doll in a clean dress. Shabbat Shalom - a day of rest and joy"


 Lag B'Omer Circle Game

Arab and Jewish children play together.

filmed in the woods near Hilf, May 2007


Autumn in Ein Bustan:

It's the Wind! (Ze Haruah) 

Amir Shlomian sings a song that he composed, with the Ein Bustan children




Keeping Your Balance:

Walking on stilts in Ein Bustan

Children from the Arab Jewish Waldorf kindergarten"Ein Bustan" in Hilf, Israel, play with some stilts that were hand made by their teacher, Gidi. The music in the background is "Al Haadma": "I love to walk upon the earth, above me the sky: high and so very blue. The light is clear and lights up the world, peace, peace peace to all!" 

 children walking on stilts




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