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Bridge to the Future
Ein Bustan is proud to join peace activists at the “Bridge For the Future” conference, in Arnhem, Holland.
September 17th,2010 was the 66th anniversary of the battle of Arnhem,  the doomed attempt by the allied airborne army to end the Second World War against Nazi Germany by seizing the bridges across the Rhine .After a 9 day heroic stand, the bridge was lost, many lost their lives, and the north of Holland remained occupied for another winter. For years, military veterans gathered each year for memorial events of the battle. For the past few years, the events have changed their emphasis and evolved into a yearly conference looking forward to the future, and working on issues of freedom and peace.
One of the organizers of the conference, Sophie Lambrechtsen-ter Horst, is the daughter of  Kate ter Horst, otherwise known as "The Angel of  Arnhem",who set up a first-aid post in her house for the many wonded in the battle.  Mrs. Lambrechtsen-ter Horst is acquainted with Ein Bustan, and invited our Dutch supporters to present an information stand about Ein Bustan at the conference. They distibuted distributing articles about our project and also sold some fundraising products, including art greeting cards and Ein Bustan hand-made soap.
In the picture above you can see Vally at the Ein Bustan table. In the basket there are white ceramic doves that we sold with a message in their beak, with information how to donate to Ein Bustan.
Present day photo of the Arnhem bridge Sophie Lambrechtsen-ter Horst, Chairperson of the conference Arnhem bridge in 1944


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