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Ein-Bustan Has Friends in France! (Ein-Bustan a des amis français !)
For the past two years, a group of five people living in France: Agnes, Christine, Martine, Michael and Philippe have chosen to support Ein-Bustan with a monthly financial contribution, we also had some people who left - while new members joined the group.
Amit Aud and Annabel WeisbergerOur enthusiasm for the Ein-Bustan project and our faithfulness to it originated in our connection with a family comprised of Aude (French), Amit (Israeli) and their little girl Annabelle Weisberger. They set of from France in June 2003, where the parents had met. They took to the road with Annabelle, who was then 6 months old, in order to travel to Jerusalem in an old fashioned horse drawn caravan. It was called the Peace Caravan and their journey lasted two years.
After their arrival in Israel Aude and Amit chose to go to Tivon, a little town with greenery, which as Aude said, was humming with alternative and pacifist activity. It was the year when Ein-Bustan opened in Tivon. It was there that they sent Annabelle, so that she could feel from her earliest years the simple reality of the country, that there are two peoples speaking two different languages with different cultures.
It was thus through Aude, Amit and Annabelle,(see picture on left)  that the Peace Caravan evolved for us into the Ein-Bustan Project, so we had the idea of creating a group to support it.     
We come from different backgrounds, but each of us in his or her way has since the beginning encouraged and supported this free adventure in France and Germany, which jolting across Europe and then the Palestinian territories, created completely unexpected links between people from different countries and cultures. This is the immense test of the land of Israel-Palestine, which is also the test for mankind to live together in harmony.
About Us:
Sylvie is musician. She joined the five supporters mentioned above and she wished to support Ein-Bustan in an other manner. She set up an artistical and pedagogical project with children coming from different cultures by means of a repertoire of songs in Arab, French and Hebrew. The goal was to produce a Cd for the benefit of Ein-Bustan. Two concerts already took place in Troyes during May and June 2007, with the children’s choir from the Conservatoire de Troyes. The children recorded a CD of their performance, and should you wish to support this project you may contact Sylvie (see her contact below).
We are happy to contribute, even if only by making one root, so Ein-Bustan can make roots of peace and friendship in the land and in the hearts.      
Philippe quotes two lines of a song by Leonard Cohen:
There is a crack in everything.
This is how the light gets in. (The song is called "Anthem" and was written in 1992.)
Agnès lives in Troyes. She is an art-therapist.
Christinelives in Lyon, she works in a laboratory for qualitative investigations of plants.
Martinelives in Lavau, near Troyes, she worked in the Education Nationle and is now retired
Michaelis a retired astrophysicist living in Paris, now retired.
Philippe lives in Paris and in Ardèche. He is a retired physicist, and presently works in ethical banking on an international level.
Sylvielives in Bérulle not far from Troyes. She is musician and runs presently a music school.
Contact for financial support:: Christine Ballivet, 40 bvd Ch de Gaulle, F-69600 Oullins, tel : +33 6 16 36 18 06, Emailto : christine.ballivet@ouvaton.org
Contact for supporting the musical project and the CD-production : Sylvie Ponsot, tel. 0325467411/ Email: sylvieponsot01@orange.fr.
The copying of the CD will be realised by a private firm which aims to produce 500 CD for an amount of about 1300 €. The price is 10€. You can support the diffusion and the selling of the CD through a donation or a participation to the subscription. In this manner you will participate in a project for peace.


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